Brilliance From The Comics

About 2 weeks ago, I opened the morning newspaper and read one of my favorite Comic Strips – Pearls Before Swine, by Stephan Pastis.  I LOVE this comic strip.  It’s always great fun.  If it is not in your local paper, you can find it HERE.  At WORST you’ll start off your day with a good chuckle.  Occasionally, it is quite profound, and September 1st was one of those times.

As much as it makes me blush to admit it, I certainly have a bit of Rat in ME from time to time.  How about you?   See if you can catch yourself this week (Traffic?; a conversation with your spouse or a colleague?) – and when you do, ask yourself:  Are you more committed to having a great and effective life, or to being right?  Who would you rather be?  Who would you rather be AROUND?  Rat or Pig?  Which one is “Wide Open”?

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