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About Us


Steven GranekThe Wide Open Group was founded by Steve Granek. Steve built – ran – operated – and sold an award winning network integrator, and has since been a member of the executive team of multiple technology startups in a career that spans over 30 years focused primarily on Sales & Marketing / Business Development & Strategy.

Prior to starting The Wide Open Group, Steve was Vice President at Neustar playing key roles in Business Development, Strategy & Innovation, and Corporate Development during it’s early growth and beyond its very successful IPO in 2005.

Steve is notorious for his passion, intensity, dynamism, keen insight, and for asking very interesting questions – all of which he brings to his coaching, training and speaking engagements.

In addition to his business experience, Steve has extensive experience in human development, including several years as a professional sales trainer, and 25 years as a coach and mentor. He recently completed training from the Coaches Training Institute. The Wide Open Group reflects his belief that life is too short to go through the motions and that people deserve great lives 24x7x365 – BOTH at work and at play.

The Wide Open Group provides Executive Coaching, Leadership Development and Business Consulting to organizations of all sizes looking to break away from the same old day to day pattern we call “Normal”.  It’s easy to get so used to average, plausible and predictable that we’ve practically forgotten what it’s like to really play full out and win big. We have learned to manage disappointment in advance and lost our hearts in the process.

At The Wide Open Group, we believe that extraordinary actions, results and lives derive from unconstrained self-expression and listening—from being “Wide Open”.  Being Wide Open provides access to breakthrough results in work and life.
The Wide Open Group is about NOT settling – for yourself, your team, your company.  It’s about raising the floor – generating a NEW NORMAL  – in your organization – a normal full of passion, self expression and unprecedented results at work and in the lives of you and your colleagues.

Fortunately, “Wide Open” is natural for humans, but atrophied.  It’s a muscle that can be trained.  We’ll work together to customize a program for you and/or your organization combining one or more elements of Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, and Business Consulting, designed to awaken the sleeping giant that is you and your organization. Together, we’ll target specific measures that will raise the floor, and alter you and your organization’s limits on just what is really possible.

If you are ready to put an end to average, to open the throttle on you and/or your team(s), we’d like to help.  If you’re ready for A NEW NORMAL, we’d welcome the chance to talk.