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Executive Coaching

Business Development Cycle | The Wide Open Group | Steven Granek

  • 1 on 1 Personal Coaching
    • BreakThrough To A New Level
    • Work / Life Balance
    • Long Term Fulfillment / Goals
    • Intervention
  • Transition Coaching
    • Meet The Challenge Of A New Role
    • Onboarding To New Company
  • Performance Coaching
    • Finding a “New Gear”
    • Sales Performance Breakthrough
  • Team Coaching / Alignment
    • Individual Coaching of members
    • Simultaneous Group Coaching
    • – Alignment
    • – New or Challenging Initiatives
    • – Innovation
  • Entrepreneurs & Artists Note
    • Creativity
    • Innovation
    • Effective Action
    • Vision

Successful Artists are Really a Special Case of Entrepreneur. Business People and Artists have MUCH to learn from One Another

Why is Coaching  – in some form – at the heart of all our work?  Great leaders and executives – like athletes – are always learning and growing.    But it’s not so easy sometimes.

If you’ve ever tried to play golf, you know how hard it is to follow what – to a friend – seems like a simple instruction. “Keep your head down!!”   While perhaps technically correct, it’s simply not usable given how we REALLY learn.   We need to INVENT for ourselves to have powerful learning take place. Think about when you learned to ride a bicycle.  Someone said or did something new.  Then in one seemingly magical moment you found your balance and it was yours forever.  Your world literally changed inalterably.

Worse, it’s often difficult to see the ways we are constrained, or stopped – even see what it is we need to learn.   In fact those constraints and beliefs are sometimes so fixed as to seem like the laws of physics… “the way things are”, “the way they are”, or “the way I am”.  They are so ‘SO’ that we don’t think about them anymore than a fish thinks about water.   “What problem?  That’s just how things ARE!”

Sometimes even when we can see, we simply can’t seem to breakthrough… to find the handle… the next gear.  It’s not for lack of sincere effort or wanting.  We know, but our way of knowing simply does not make the difference we want or need.

Executive Coaching is designed to uncover new perspectives and possibilities for effective action, and more importantly, to have such action flow powerfully as a natural expression of self or of a group.  CONTACT US