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Leadership Development

Business Development Cycle | The Wide Open Group | Steven Granek

  • Workshops
    • Wide Open Bootcamp
    • “Present”-ation Skills
    • Listening / Communication Skills
  • Shadowing
    • Individuals
    • Boards / Exec Teams
    • Cross Functional Teams

Leadership sometimes seems like a quality that some were given and others weren’t – like if you cut a leader open you’d actually find something different inside them!  We all have particular muscles we’ve mastered that seem like “who we are”… our very identity, and others that feel awkward, foreign, out of reach… “that’s not me”.

Harold Geneen, legendary CEO of ITT,  said “Leadership cannot be taught. It can only be learned”.  We agree!   As we say in our Executive Coaching description:  We need to INVENT for ourselves to have powerful learning take place.

Our Leadership Development services are designed so people find for themselves lost capabilities, exercise ones that feel awkward, and gain tools to use on the way to mastery.


Wide Open Bootcamp is our basic training in bringing “Wide Open” to work and to life. It starts to unlock new ways of listening and speaking, as well as the extraordinary passion and desire for excellence that is in each of us.

As you may guess from the title, “Present”-ation Skills is about BEING in front of a room or a group powerfully present and engaged. It’s useful for anyone that interacts with others where something  is at stake.

Listening / Communication Skills builds on Wide Open Bootcamp and deepens the learning. It less about technique than about where one is listening and speaking FROM and what the listening and speaking serves.  Eye opening, we promise.


Shadowing is a special form of coaching applicable to both individuals and groups.   By being ‘a fly on the wall’ – shadowing – we get to see people and teams in action, watch the dynamics, and coach from watching real life unfold.

If you’d like to know more about any of these Leadership Development services, we’d welcome the chance to talk with you.  CONTACT US