Secret Sales Weapon?

Is there a secret sales weapon?  Interest helps, of course!  No, no… not theirs!!!!!   YOURS!

Great leaders, salespeople, and communicators are genuinely interested in what other people are saying.  They listen, REALLY listen.  Not as a technique, but because they are really curious.  We all like to think we’re like that, too, don’t we?

But if there’s one hard lesson I’ve learned, it’s that the minute I think I am actually listening, I’ve likely stopped doing so!  The little voice in my head (that one… the one that just asked, “what little voice?”) starts opining and (arrogantly) thinking it already knows, or knows what they are about to say, or starts strategically planning what to say next in order to get what it wants, none of which allow me to listen.  It knows what kind of person they are already. And when that happens I more interested in myself than in the other person.  Any interest I have is at best a technique.  And techniques come right out of the playbook of the little voice.   They are self serving.  They turn clients into means to an end and minimize their humanity.

Real listening is a fine balancing act between being purposeful, yet having ZERO agenda OTHER than real curiosity about another person and their concerns (about themselves, their business, etc.).  If you want to sell, you had better get curious… and then more curious, and really listen to what you hear!

So – how about you?  Are YOU really interested in your clients and potential customers (your team, your spouse)?  Are you curious about what they are saying?  Or have you just mastered the effect of looking that way?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.  I’m curious!



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