To Start – About Me

I am married to Bonnie, a very talented glass artist (I confess to having stolen a smidgen of her work for the header of the web site) and great partner. We have a magnificent daughter, Jessica, who is a fine human being and my other love. I am VERY proud of them both – as father and husband. I’ve been around technology businesses for years, but I am more of a philosopher than a technologist. Inside beats the heart of an artist… once a musician (OK… still a musician at heart), now a woodworker and even occasional guitar builder (good combination). I’m a voracious reader of both novels and non-fiction.

I try to live an examined life – a never ending quest. This led me to mentor and coach people for most of the last 25 years.  I do so because I find it satisfying. I hope I’m not holier than thou (but bet I am sometimes). I am a passionate man – it’s a way of being in life. It’s what I call “Wide Open”. I love it, and it provides for a rich life and a light heart.

Steven Granek Parents Abe EvaIt’s hard for me to talk about me without saying how grateful I am to have had two incredible parents, Abe and Eva. That’s them in the picture in the 1930’s.
I am WHO I am in the opening created by who they were. I’ll likely end up saying more about them from time to time. I miss them in the way of a gift that is with me all the time.

Anyway – Welcome!   I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you and hearing from you as we explore “Wide Open” @ Work and @ Life together.  Stay tuned!

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