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Welcome to @Wide Open.  I’m Steve Granek, the voice of The Wide Open Group and of this BLOG. So what the heck IS Wide Open?  That’s what we’ll be exploring together and what we explore in our work with our clients.  I can tell you that Wide Open is a place to come FROM, a place to stand, not something to DO.  I  will assure you that being Wide Open is NOT a license to say whatever the heck you want  – that’s self indulgence pure and simple.  The antithesis of listening Wide Open.  Wide Open is full of humility – and it is NEVER handled. There is always more Wide Open. I hope you enjoy and we cause one another to think!

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Secret Sales Weapon?

Is there a secret sales weapon?  Interest helps, of course!  No, no… not theirs!!!!!   YOURS! Great leaders, salespeople, and communicators are genuinely interested in what other people are saying.  They listen, REALLY listen.  Not as a technique, but because they are really curious.  We all like to think we’re like that, too, don’t we? […]


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Brilliance From The Comics

About 2 weeks ago, I opened the morning newspaper and read one of my favorite Comic Strips – Pearls Before Swine, by Stephan Pastis.  I LOVE this comic strip.  It’s always great fun.  If it is not in your local paper, you can find it HERE.  At WORST you’ll start off your day with a […]


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To Start – About Me

I am married to Bonnie, a very talented glass artist (I confess to having stolen a smidgen of her work for the header of the web site) and great partner. We have a magnificent daughter, Jessica, who is a fine human being and my other love. I am VERY proud of them both – as […]


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